Southern Pride BBQ/Smoker in NiagaraKendale Products prides itself on personal, individualized care. We have never, and will never give our customers the feeling of dealing with an organization too large to allow human contact. Being experienced in both the barbecue and fried chicken industries as end-users, allows the team at Kendale to accommodate new and existing customers starting with the first phone call or handshake.

Our hands-on approach allows us to tailor our services to each customer, no matter the size of the operation. We have customers in all parts of this industry, many of which operate on a national or provincial scale. From the first point of contact with Kendale, clients are treated with respect and warmth as we assist you with the process of either creating or growing your business. We are equipped to advise customers on selection of the proper equipment, education on the equipment, implementation of the products in an existing or new foodservice operation, and the best ways to maintain your investment to ensure a long life. Upon purchase of anything from Kendale, we take care of delivery, installation, in-person training anywhere in Canada, and continue to keep the lines of communication open throughout the relationship.

Whether you are looking to add fried chicken to your menu, learn how to properly smoke a brisket, or start a nation-wide restaurant chain, Kendale Products Ltd. will be an integral part of the process, every step of the way.


Kendale Products Ltd. was founded in 1963 by Harry Kennedy. It was the first official representation of Broaster Company in Canada. Through the years, as the foodservice industry evolved, Harry’s sons, Cal and Tim Kennedy joined in the family business to help carry it on for future generations. As the business grew, and the popularity of comfort foods surged, the Kennedys sought out the sole Canadian Distributorship for Southern Pride BBQ Pits & Smokers. That was more than 20 years ago, and Cal and Tim carried the business forward to become an organization known for customer service and personal care.

Photo of Kendale Founders
Kendale Team

In 2014, the Kennedy brothers realized it was time to pass on what they had built to new ownership. They turned to long-time customers Brad and Greg Brunton with the offer. With customer service and high quality equipment at the centre of focus, Brad and Greg partnered with Bob D’Ambrosio to bring Kendale more aggressively into the 21st Century. Approaching this new business from an end-user’s standpoint has been extremely valuable in bringing our products to the public and a wide variety of foodservice applications.

The success brought to hundreds of customers since the early sixties continues to drive the growth of Kendale in the specialty foodservice equipment category.

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