A Broaster® and Smoker Walk into a Bar…

When you live in a Northern climate, it’s safe to say that anything above zero feels like spring. And, when the weather gets warmer, you do what most Canadians and restauranteurs do: you start looking for a chance to open that patio! With patio season fast approaching, it’s only natural that your clients start craving the familiar combination of a warm meal and a cold drink.

So, whether you’re serving up brisket with Southern Pride® or are showcasing some new Broaster® creations, we’re sharing some of our favourite food and drink combinations that will help you welcome the warmer weather. Beautifully Broasted Chicken

Serve Theses Brews and Bottles with Your Broasted® or Barbecued Meats!

There’s something familiar about a cold pint and a fiery barbecue pit—after all, both are staples during summertime (actually, 365 days a year if you ask us!).

As a toast to warmer weather and patio season, we’ve listed a few beer and wine pairings that go well with our two favourite things: smoked barbecue and Broaster®. And, if we’ve missed one of your favourite brews or go-to blends, remember that the secret to a perfect pairing is always great food, beverages, and company.

1. Serve Brisket with a stout for an unbeatable combination. A dark, coffee-forward stout is an obvious choice for a beautiful plate of brisket. After all, no matter what your marinade or sauce might look like, the heavy, bold flavours of a rich, full-bodied stout can stand up to the mighty beef brisket.

2. Chicken, meet bubbles. We think that the delightfully crunchy and seasoned Broaster® chicken deserves a drink that’s just as fun as the entrée. So, why not pop some bubbly and get this party started? A crisp, dry Cava will create a refreshing contrast to fried chicken. If you’re into sweeter wines, suggest a fruit-forward prosecco—it’ll make for an addicting sweet and savoury pairing!

3. Lev-ALE up you smoked salmon with a local IPA. Salmon is sophisticated. And smoked salmon with a citrusy, herbaceous IPA? Well, that sounds like the makings of a great Saturday night. While contrasting flavours can work well for beer and food pairings, consider how using specific wood chips or planks, like cedar, can help you create delightful and complimentary beer pairings.

4. Make any poutine shine with a glass of Syrah! Although poutine might seem more like a late-night snack or street food fare, its bold, meaty gravy and crispy fries deserve a wine that stands out. And, in the case of poutine, we believe that a peppery, complex Syrah would be a delicious companion to any Poutine—especially if the fries are hot out of the Broaster®!

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If you’ve got your beverage pairing skills down but are worried about the barbecue part, Kendale’s team can help! Whether you’re dreaming of offering signature barbecue pairings or would love to see your guests indulging in some wine and Broaster®, our team of passionate folks are ready to help food service professionals kick of patio season. Call us today to learn more about our Southern Pride® smokers and our Broaster® pressure fryers!


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