Brainstorming with Broaster®

Dipping Broasted ShrimpDoes the start of November have you feeling a little chilly and uninspired? Well, luckily, we’ve got the perfect antidote to help you shake away, or pressure fry, that seasonal slump away!

Did you know that each Broaster® model can serve up more than just chicken? So, no matter what model you have, or volume of your business, we’re sharing some pressure-fried favorites to help you keep your menu fresh.

Pressure-Fried Chicken and All the Fixings!

There are few pleasures in life that compare with Broasted® chicken. With its juicy, flavorful interior and perfectly crispy exterior, it’s the ultimate treat any time of year. However, each Broaster® pressure fryer was designed to cook a wide variety of foods, allowing users to create innovative and original menus that reflect their company. We’re taking some inspiration from Broaster®’s Branded Menu program to share some inventive and classic menu items that are sure to be a hit with your cliental.

  1. Brilliant Brunches Start with Broaster®

How do you do breakfast? The Broaster® 1600 model is our smallest model available, but packs a big punch with its quick-cooking capabilities and easy-to-use programming. With a capacity of 20 pieces of bone-in chicken, this little Broaster® has plenty of room to serve up a sensational brunch or breakfast. So, wondering what you can serve? Here are a few breakfast ideas to get you started:

  • Chicken and Waffles: Put your best foot forward with fluffy, house-made waffles topped with Broasted® Chicken and drizzled with maple syrup. For an extra special twist, use one of Broaster®’s signature spicy marinades for a sweet and spicy kick!
  • Pressure-Fried French Toast: Breakfast is basically dessert, right? Prepare your egg/milk batter for the French toast and pressure fry your toast for a golden, crisp perfection! Try adding cinnamon and vanilla to your batter and top with a berry compote for a delightful dessert that can be enjoyed all day long.
  1. Lunch has Never Looked Better!

Give your lunchtime crowd something to admire with these Broaster®-friendly recipe ideas! When a classic bucket of chicken just doesn’t cut it, you can count on the fast-frying capabilities of your pressure fryer to handle rush hour. The Broaster® 1800 model utilizes a specialized round cooking well to eliminate cold spots and promote even cooking!

  • Broasted® Buffalo Chicken Wrap: A killer wrap starts with amazing chicken! Pressure fry tender chicken pieces and toss in your house-made buffalo sauce for a saucy, savory wrap that’s satisfyingly spicy.
  • Pressure-fried Poutine: Transform the humble potato into more than just a side! Pressure fry your potato wedges to golden perfection and top with rich gravy and fresh cheese!
  • Dinner That’s Done Right

Don’t forget about dinner! Impress your guests with the speed and volume of the Broaster 2400, which can serve up to 64 pieces of bone-in chicken in under 10 minutes. With the speed and capabilities of this model, there’s no limit to your dinner-time creations.

  1. Fish and Chips: A Friday night classic, you can pressure fry both your fish and your chips in no time. For best results, ask us about Broaster®’s signature seasonings and coatings to make your fish dish shine.
  2. Eggplant Parmigiana: You don’t need meat to create a Broasted feast! You vegetarian guests will delight in the comforting flavors of eggplant, served with your establishment’s choice of signature side!

Kendale and Broaster® Have Got Your Kitchen Covered!

Every food service business owner can benefit from owning a Broaster®! Our team of professional customer service agents will work with you to identify the right equipment for your restaurant, food truck or diner. So, whether you’re craving chicken or looking for a change, reach out today to discover how you can get inventive with Kendale!


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