Determining the Right Size Pressure Fryer for Your Food Service Operation

Broasters with FoodThere’s nothing like some Broasted® chicken on a warm, summer evening. After all, cold drinks and crispy chicken are an unbeatable pairing any time of year. In fact, updating your menu to include this comfort-food classic is a sure-fire way to attract clients of all ages. Whether it’s in a sandwich, on top of a waffle or served with a side of fresh-cut fries, this is a menu item that’s sure to please every palate!

If you’re interested in providing your customers with the signature taste of Broasted® chicken, this blog post will help you determine which Broaster® models are suited to your restaurant, food truck or catering business.  We’ll show you how to get frying this summer!

The Perfect Pressure Fryer with Kendale!

Kendale is proud to carry three different models of the Broaster® pressure fryer. And while they are all pressure fryers, each model is designed to support your growing business. So, whether you’re just starting out, thinking of implementing a new product or are trying to keep up with a bustling restaurant, Kendale’s team can help you select the right product for your needs.

Currently, we carry three different sizes of pressure fryers. Unlike traditional fryers, Broaster® pressure fryers use a unique technology that combines the speed pressure cooker with the crisping capabilities of an open-air fryer. The Broaster 1600, 1800 and 2400 models each feature a round cooking well that optimizes cook time, efficiency, and flavour!

But which one is right for you? Well, keep reading to find out!

1.Broaster® 1600: With a cooking capacity of 20 pieces of bone-in chicken, the Broaster 1600 is an excellent choice for small-to mid sized business owners who are looking to deliver on quality without sacrificing space. And don’t let its smaller size fool you: this model can handle high-volume production, too!

2.Broaster® 1800: Capable of pressure-frying 40 pieces of chicken in under 10 minutes, the Broaster 1800 model is a welcome addition to any kitchen that requires exceptional speed and consistency. No matter what your production volume, the 1800 will help you keep your customers, and staff, happy!

3.Broaster® 2400: With a cooking capacity of a whopping 64 pieces of chicken per load, the 2400 is the largest Broaster® pressure fryer that Kendale offers. If you’ve got a large kitchen and a steady stream of customers, the Broaster® 2400 will help you get through rush hour with ease and efficiency.

No matter which model you choose, each Broaster® pressure fryer is equipped with the following features:

  • Easy operation: Each model comes with a TempN-Time™ feature, which enables staff to pre-program a variety of different cooking cycles to assist with the food preparation.
  • Auto Comp™ feature: Your Broaster® will automatically assess the size and temperature of your product so that it can adjust cook time to ensure consistent results.
  • Built-in filter system: Unlike traditional open fryers, Broaster® pressure fryers have a built-in filter system that allows for fast and safe oil filtration—you’ll never have to detach another heated fitting!

Discover an Easier Way to Fry with Broaster®

At Kendale, we promise to provide our clients with not only great products, but also exceptional knowledge. Our staff can help you select the right Broaster® model so that you can continue to grow your business in an informed and professional manner. Give us a call today to book a virtual demo or buy your Broaster® product this summer!


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