Get Creative with Your Meat Smoker this Spring!

Delicious Corn Seasoned with PerfectionWhether you’re short on pork or beef or just in the mood for something different, Kendale wants to help you get the most out of your smoker this season! 

After a long winter of delectable comfort-food favourites like brisket, ribs and pulled pork, maybe you’re looking to freshen up your menu with new, exciting flavours. All meat aside, there are many unique ways that you can use your smoker to add complexity and aroma to some non-meat items.

From adding some smoke to your cheeses or desserts, to transforming a humble ear of corn, an electric smoker, like the SC-300, can help you develop exciting new menu items that are loaded with smoky flavour! So, stock up on woodchips—we know you’ll want to test out these creative treats!

Put Your SC-300 to Work with Inspired Recipes

Southern Pride’s SC-300 is an electric smoker, which gives you all the goodness of a gas smoker with the power of electricity! One thing that we love about the SC-300 is that it’s user-friendly, has a sleek profile, and can be equipped with an optional steam feature to help foodservice professionals experiment with dynamic cooking processes.

Whether you’re a pro with the meat smoker or just starting to experiment, we’ve put together a list of some non-meat items that you can load into your smoker!

1. Try Some Smoked Cheese.

Cheese makes an exceptional addition to any dish! And smoked cheese? Well, the possibilities are truly endless. Think smoked cheddar, gouda or even parmigiana! Southern Pride recommends setting your SC-300 to about 80°F, adding your preferred wood chips, and then waiting about 20 minutes until the chips start to smoke. Once your chips begin smoking, put two pans of ice, sprinkled with kosher salt, inside your smoker. You’ll want to position one tray at the top of your smoker and the other at the bottom. Keep your cheese on the middle rack for about 1-2 hours.

A word of caution: Do not eat or serve your cheese right away! Southern Pride suggests that smoked cheese should be left in parchment for up to 48 hours and vacuum sealed for a minimum of two weeks. Giving the cheese ample time to rest will let it develop a complex, smoky flavour that doesn’t overpower the cheese. Once the wait is over, you’ll have delicious cheese that can be enjoyed on burgers, in sandwiches, over salads or of course, on its own.

We recommend using this recipe from Southern Pride to help you get started with smoking cheese!

 2. Transform Your Corn.

Corn on the cob is a perfect accompaniment to any smoked meat. Its sweet, fresh flavour makes corn an excellent summer side dish for burgers, brisket and pulled pork, or enjoy it on its own for a delicious, fireside treat.

To elevate your corn from a side dish to the main event, trying smoking or barbecuing it on your electric smoker! First, pre-heat your smoker to 225°F; then, prep your ears of corn by removing the corn from the husks, brush the corn with butter or oil, and then sprinkle the corn with salt, pepper or other preferred seasonings. Get creative and experiment with Cajun, barbecue or sweet seasonings, too.

Thanks to its digital thermostat, the SC-300 allows users to set their preferred temperature with confidence and ease—your smoker will maintain optimal consistency for as long as you need. Let the corn smoke for about one hour before removing and serving!

The end result is corn that’s perfect for stirring into chilis, throwing on salads or devouring fresh out of the smoker. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this recipe for smoked corn from blogger Jenna of The Recipe Diaries!

3. Smoked Peach Cobbler

If you want to add a little flair to grandma’s peach cobbler recipe, fire up your electric smoker and inject some new flavour and dimension to your tried-and-true dessert recipes. First, set your smoker to 225°F. Then, grease a cast iron skillet and load your cobbler into the pan. Once the smoker is ready to go, smoke the cobbler for approximately 10 minutes before raising the temperature to 325°F—this is the highest temperature setting for the electric model.

Continue smoking your cobbler for about an hour, until the topping is golden, and the filling is bubbling. We love this recipe from Nick of Smoked Meat Sunday, which includes a delicious, home made biscuit topping! Trust us when we say that you’ll want some vanilla ice cream for this one!

Springtime Innovation Starts with Kendale!

It’s no secret that we’re big meat lovers around here, but our true passion is helping our customers excel in the foodservice industry—and sometimes, that means thinking outside the smoker! Whether you’re interested in incorporating fresh items into your menu, purchasing a Southern Pride or Broaster® product, or looking for technical support, Kendale’s team of customer service representatives and technicians are here to help your business thrive. Discover what great products and personalized service can do for you by contacting us today!


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