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This Autumn season, we’re sharing some of our favourite recipes that will help keep you warm ‘til the springtime. Whether you own a catering company, restaurant or food truck, Southern Pride will help you crank up the heat during the cooler months. Keep reading to get inspiration for your meat smoker. Delicious Broasted Chicken

These Recipes Will Keep Your Smoker Burning All Season Long

Nothing screams “summer” quite like a sweet smoked pork or hot, fresh corn. But just because we’ve seen the last of summer for 2021 doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the same sweet, savoury flavours of our beloved barbecues! So, why not combine the sumptuous taste of summer with classic fall profiles, like apple cider, cinnamon, maple and of course, meat! Think hearty meals like a beef stew or a classic Turkey dinner. We’ve got a couple recipes that will keep your smoker burning all season long!

  1. Cinnamon Rolls Just got Better

You can’t celebrate fall without adding a sprinkle of cinnamon! Think of cozy mornings with hot coffee and fresh rolls, or gathering with family and friends over a batch of these classic treats. And, while the flavours of a traditional cinnamon roll make it a seasonal staple, we’re sharing this smoky version from Gimme Some Grilling, which uses a smoker to transform a humble pastry into a smoked delicacy.

Simply use your favourite cinnamon roll recipe, or try the one the author has shared, and proof as usual. Next, heat an electric smoker to 325°F—we recommend Southern Pride’s electric smoker, the SC-300, for even, controlled baking! Once your rolls have proofed, and your smoker has reached temperature, cook the cinnamon buns for 25 minutes. Add smoke for a robust, rich flavour. Finally, to bring this recipe over the top, use pecan chips in your smoker, like the author did, and some bourbon-infused cream cheese frosting for the ultimate fall dessert or afternoon treat.

  1. Have We Got a Stew for You!

Now that summer has gone, it’s time to incorporate the bold and hearty taste of beef back into our diets and in our meat smokers. So, get that crock pot ready because this beef stew is smokin’! This recipe from Vindulge utilizes beef ribs, seasonal root vegetables, mushrooms, and a shot of smoke to deliver bold, beefy flavours that will keep you warm this fall.

First, fire up your smoker to 225°F; it’s recommended that you use a fruit hardwood to compliment the flavour profile of the beef. If you’re having trouble selecting wood chips or logs for your smoker, give our team a call! Now, this stew requires at least 3 hours for the meat, and another few hours to prep, assemble and develop the luscious flavours of this stew. With good red wine and a self-adjusting smoker, like the SRG-400, you can whip up a stellar stew that compliments even the chilliest of autumn evenings.

  1. Dress up Your Turkey Dinner with a Dash of Smoke

You’ve heard of deep-fried turkeys, but, what about a smoked turkey? No matter how you like to cook your poultry, the addition of high-quality wood chips, smoke, and a killer dry rub will have your customers coming back for seconds. All you need is apple wood and a professional smoker, like the MLR-150, and you’ve got a seasonal delicious dish that will offer the comforting flavours of fall with a smokey twist. This recipe from Dinner at the Zoo offers step-by –step instructions that will help you take your turkey to the top! And, with a Southern Pride Smoker, it's easy to load, set and cook your product with consistent temperatures and full-sized logs, which lend unparalleled colour, texture and flavour to your poultry.

Pro tip from the author: always ensure that your turkey is completely thawed and dry before cooking. For best results, it’s recommended to use a 10-12 pound bird to ensure even, safe cooking.

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