Is It Time for New Food Service Equipment?

What does a new year look like for restaurant or food truck owners? Whether you’re planning to take some time off, re-evaluating your business plan, or renovating your space, it’s likely that your business’s goals are always at the top of your list.

After all, what better way to kick off another year in business than investing in a new piece of equipment for your company? And while it’s no secret that our team loves our toys, we believe that the right food service equipment can help to benefit both you and your customers in innovative and delicious ways. So, if you’re having trouble determining whether you should invest now or spend later, Kendale is serving up some tips on how to decide when it’s time to replace your equipment so that you can start your new year off right.Man Preparing Delicious Meal

Could Your Kitchen Benefit from a New Southern Pride or Broaster Product?

Running a successful food service business requires good business sense, dedicated employees, and great food. But, without reliable equipment, your business may never reach its full potential. Is your equipment slowing you down? Keep reading to find out whether it’s time for an equipment upgrade!

  1. Consider Your Productivity

There’s no better feeling than a seamless dinner rush! Amidst the chaos of orders, you rely on your kitchen staff and equipment to keep those entrees moving and your customers happy. But, if you’ve noticed your productivity’s off, it might be time to review your kitchen’s most important asset: your equipment! Faulty wiring, inadequate cooking space, or complicated operating systems can all lead to a back-of house back-up.

At Kendale, our state-of-the-art meat smokers and pressure fryers are easy to operate and come in a variety of sizes that can help you meet your productivity goals for 2022 and beyond.

  1. Break up with Your Broken-Down Machine

Is your old deep fryer giving you grief with its mid-shift break downs and inconsistent temperatures? It may be time for a break up. Although it might be difficult to say good-bye to a beloved piece of equipment, faulty kitchen items can cost you more time and money than they’re worth: In addition to the cost of repairs and maintenance, old equipment might just cost you your reputation, too.

While it may seem more expensive up front, purchasing a new pressure fryer can prevent you from spending money on sudden equipment failures and the side-effects they may cause, like unhappy customers, spoiled inventory, and productivity failures.

  1. Step up Your Safety

Your kitchen equipment might work fine, but can you attest to its safety? Equipment that is difficult to operate, has missing parts, or outdated electrical components can pose threats to your staff and customers. Mechanical quirks will also inhibit your restaurant’s ability to train new employees, who may not feel confident operating older appliances.

Kendale carries a range of Broaster® and Southern Pride® products that are not only easy to operate, but also safe to use. With temperature sensors, timers and self-filtering features, your employees have every reason to feel safe and confident around smokers and pressure fryers, too. And, depending on your preference, we can help you select a gas or electric smoker, which gives you the freedom to use the safest fuel for your establishment.

Your Best Year Ever Starts at Kendale!

Kendale’s team of food service equipment specialists have everything you need to achieve your company’s goals for years to come. And whether you’re ready to replace a piece of equipment, or are looking ahead for the future, you can count on our team’s personalized services to help grow your business. Call us today to book a demo to discover our range of products!


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