The Benefits of Cooking with the MLR-850 Gas Smoker

Amid February’s frosty mornings and bitter winds, there is but one consolation: the cheerful glint of the gas smoker, with its comforting warmth and familiar smells, reminds us that warmer weather is on the way!

And while we’ve still got a few months before we can pull out our jean jackets and sit outdoors, it’s never too cold to fire up your smoker! At Kendale, we’re proud to provide our clients with Southern Pride® gas smokers, which are sure to give restauranters and customers a taste of warmer weather all year round. In addition to its automatic temperature control, Southern Prides gas smokers have a few more tricks up their grills than meets the eye: Keep reading to learn more about Southern Pride®’s MLR-850 gas smoker.Gas Smoked Meat

An Ode to the Gas Smoker

Here at Kendale, we love all our smokers just the same. But, for today at least, we thought we’d put the spotlight on our Southern Pride® Gas smokers, which make a great addition to any food service establishment.

A popular choice among smoking enthusiasts, gas smokers provide that signature, smoky flavour and come in a variety of sizes and models, including rotisserie and rack, to ensure that you can deliver big results no matter where you’re cooking. Specifically, we’ll be discussing some of the benefits of Southern Pride’s MLR-850, which delivers big, smoky flavour in a low-profile smoker.

1. Flavour

As noted above, gas smokers are believed to give a more “authentic” smoky flavour to meats. But the fun doesn’t stop at the gas: As a rotisserie smoker, the MLR-850 uses fireplace-sized logs to deliver outstanding taste and aroma, and even possess a self-basting feature that delivers unbeatable flavour and texture.

2. Size

The MLR-850 measures about 40 1/8"w x 91"d x 77 1/2"h, giving it a slightly slimmer profile than other gas smokers. This is especially ideal for establishments that have limited space. However, what it lacks in space it makes up for in capacity: this svelte smoker can hold up to 72 pork butts, 96 whole chickens, or 24 pieces of beef brisket—Not bad for a small fry!

3. Temperature

Like other gas smokers, the MLR-850 relies on wood to provide ideal cooking temperatures. In addition to providing the meat with its iconic flavouring, the MLR-850 relies on an electric ignition system to trigger the gas—by using an electronic pilot, the burner will automatically set the interior to the appropriate temperature, ensuring that the gas maintains constant temperature. Southern Pride®’s innovative use of gas and electric elements makes it easy to maintain even cooking.

Ease of Use

Because its wood-burning feature and temperature control elements are automatic, Southern Pride®’s MLR-850 can be operated with minimal training—Your employees will feel confident using the smoker, and its easy operation is guaranteed to prevent loss of product and productivity compared to manually-fired meat smokers.

Stay Warm with the MLR-850!

Discover the benefits of Southern Pride® gas smokers by contacting Kendale today! Our team of qualified sales associates will help you select a gas smoker that will keep you warm—even during summer! Better barbecue starts with Kendale.


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