Virtual Demos to Help Revamp Your Foodservice Offerings

Kitchen For Virtual DemonstrationWhether the new year is your time for reflection or a period of new-found determination, your business goals are probably related to not only increasing your revenue, but also enhancing your service.

This is especially true if you work in the foodservice industry. The past 12 months have challenged the way that foodservice professionals do business. In fact, with COVID-19 protocols limiting the number of walk-ins, mid-day rushes and group gatherings, it’s likely your understanding of the term “hospitality” has undergone a major transformation. However, new approaches to business can be exciting and worthwhile, which is why we’re thrilled to offer interactive virtual product demonstrations and services. We’re confident that our virtual demonstrations will help you gain a better understanding of our diverse range of products through a virtual ‘first-hand’ experience.

Kendale is Proud to Provide Customers with Quality and Safety

For decades, we’ve shared our product expertise with businesses of all sizes. Whether we’re at trade shows promoting the Broaster® and Southern Pride® product lines, delivering equipment to your business, conducting product training or helping you launch a new fried chicken joint, we believe that the most potent ingredient in any customer-business relationship are the connections we make along the way. So, even if pandemic restrictions mean we can’t gather or shake hands, we’ve come up with new policies and procedures that allow you to experience the Broaster® and Southern Pride® products in a safe and informative manner.

If you’re looking for new ways to delight customers, our team is proud to offer virtual product demonstrations, training sessions and technical set-ups from a distance. We’ve worked hard to update our procedures in a way that not only upholds health and safety standards, but also allows you to improve your business.

Here’s what you can expect when you book a virtual demonstration with us:

Are you interested in getting an electric or a gas smoker to cook delicious, tender meats with a signature smoky bite? Or maybe you’re looking to ramp up your fried chicken game with a pressure fryer that can make Genuine Broaster® Chicken. Kendale’s team wants to invite you to book a virtual product demo so you can find the equipment that’s right for the type and scale of your food production.

  • We have a large, open concept demonstration space that allows our team members to demonstrate products to our guests virtually!
  • Each demonstration takes place on a kitchen-style cooking line, which ensures that you can view each product clearly and gauge its relevance to your needs and cooking environment.

In addition to hosting virtual demonstrations, our team is thrilled to provide personalized training sessions to our current customers, so that they can learn how to set-up and operate our products from a distance.

Get Great Service from a Distance

Our products, demonstrations and service solutions are designed to help foodservice professionals improve their business through education and innovation. We encourage our current customers to reach out to us to get virtual support on existing equipment, too! If you’re looking to add new technology into your kitchen, connect with our team today to learn more about how Broaster® and Southern Pride® can help you serve up something special this year.


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