What’s the Difference Between A Pressure Fryer and An Open Fryer?

Have you ever wondered what differentiates genuine Broaster® chicken from simple “fried” chicken? Although you may have never thought to make the distinction, Broaster® chicken is cooked in a pressure fryer and uses a signature round cooking well that’s designed to cook chicken faster, and more consistently, than traditional open fryers.

If all this sounds too good to be true, keep reading to find out what it means for chicken to be “genuine Broaster® chicken” and how Broaster® pressure fryers can benefit your foodservice production! 

The HisBasin with Broasted Chickentory of the Broaster® Pressure Fryer

There’s no denying that the term “broasted” lends a certain mystique to the already-perfect form of fried chicken. After all, is it even possible to make fried chicken better than it already is?

Well, apparently, yes! The first commercial pressure fryer was invented in 1954, by a man named Louis Austin Meritt (L.A.M.) Phelan. Phelan’s love of fried chicken inspired him to create a faster, more efficient way of cooking. His solution was to combine the quick-cooking technology of a pressure cooker with the crisping capabilities of the traditional fryer. After getting a patent for his design, Phelan invented the first-ever pressure fryer of its kind. But Phelan didn’t stop there: According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, Phelan also “came up with his own marinades and coatings,” which are still used today.  In fact, for a chicken to be considered as genuine Broasted® chicken, foodservice professionals must adhere to Phelan’s original recipe and use a Broaster® pressure fryer.

The Broaster® Difference

Although the pressure fryer does indeed use oil to cook chicken, potatoes and other foodservice favourites, Broaster® pressure fryers deviate from traditional open fryers in the following ways:

1. Faster Cooking Time: Because Broaster® fryers are half fryer, half pressure cooker, they are capable of cooking chicken up to two times faster than traditional fryers. The Broaster® 2400 model can cook 64 pieces of crispy, juicy chicken in under 10 minutes! Make customers happy and improve your production speed, too.

2. Juicier Chicken: Get juicier chicken faster with pressure frying! Chicken that is cooked in a Broaster® will cook faster than chicken placed in a regular fryer, which enables Broaster® chicken to retain most of its natural juices without drying out.

3. Less Oil Absorption: According to the Broaster® company, the patented pressure fry system sears the outside of the chicken, which reduces the amount of oil that seeps into the chicken and its coating. The result? More of the chicken flavour you love.

4. Signature Round Cooking Well: Every Broaster® pressure fryer utilizes a signature round cooking well that is specially designed for even cooking. The cylindrical shape of the pot promotes unparalleled consistency for great results every time.

5. It’s a Broaster®: While there are many pressure fryers out there, only a Broaster pressure fryer can produce perfectly Broasted® chicken!

Start Cooking with Broaster® Today!

While the Broaster® name has been around for decades, modern entrepreneurs and foodservice professionals can benefit from integrating a pressure fryer into their commercial kitchens. Manufactured for speed, volume and longevity, the Broaster® line of products will help you create inspired menu options for years to come. Whether you’re a new or an existing Broaster® user, you can contact Kendale to learn more about how you can benefit from a Broaster®.


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