Perfect Hold Deli Case

Perfect Hold Deli Case

Broaster Broaster Accessories

User-friendly design

Available in countertop and stand-alone versions.

Unique front glass design

Pivots down for easy cleaning.

Rollerless sliding glass doors

Easy to clean.

Mechanical timers

Track holding time for each row of pans to maintain optimum holding times.


Allow full range of light control for each zone.

Simplified controls

Offer uniform warming of foods.

Euro-look design

Provides excellent visual presentation and appeal.

Waterless system

Eliminates plumbing requirements and expense.

Recessed electrical upper controls

Reduce potential damage risks.

Single main power switch

Allows for easy start-up and shut-down.

Attractive Broaster color scheme

Reinforces brand image of quality with Broaster Express® or Genuine Broaster Chicken® logo (on complete deli cases).

Optional built-in backlit graphics

Standard Broaster Express® or Genuine Broaster Chicken® graphics panel on complete deli cases can be backlit with optional 3-bulb uorescent light unit.

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