PR42G Gas Pig Roaster With Optional Doors in Lid

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Overall Dimensions   
39”h x 52”l x 30”w

Grate Height From Ground   

Grate Dimensions   
20” x 41”

2nd Tier Grate Dimensions   
16” x 40”

Cooking Area   
5.69 sq. ft. (820 sq. in.)

Cooking Area With 2nd Tier Grate   
10.14 sq. ft. (1,460 sq. in.)

Grate Style   
Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing

Approximately 82,000

Metal Thickness   
13 Gauge

Net Weight   
250 lbs.

Shipping Weight   
300 lbs.

Capacity of Whole Pigs   
100 lbs.

Capacity of Pork Butts   
2nd Tier Grate: 18-20, Single Grate: 10-11

Capacity of Racks of Ribs   
2nd Tier Grate: 10-12, Single Grate: 5-6

Capacity of Whole Briskets   
2nd Tier Grate: 8-9, Single Grate: 4-5

Capacity of Whole Chickens   
2nd Tier Grate: 22-24, Single Grate: 12-14

Capacity of Hamburgers   
2nd Tier Grate: 70-80, Single Grate: 40-45

PR42G Gas Pig Roaster With Optional Doors in Lid

Meadow Creek Pig Roaster


Quickly and easily roast a whole hog up to 125 pounds (live weight) on this entry level pig cooker from Meadow Creek—without turning the meat! Besides whole pigs, this pig cooker can handle anything you’d do low and slow in a regular smoker, including up to 24 whole chickens or 20 pork butts using the second tier grate.

Propane-fired. Dual shut-offs and a thermo coupled pilot make this unit as safe as cooking in your kitchen.

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