TS500 Barbecue Smoker Trailer

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Overall Dimensions   
92”h x 202”l x 72”w

Cooking Area   
45.86 sq. ft. (6,604 sq. in.)

Grate Dimensions   
2 – 30” x 33”, 4 – 34” x 34”

Space Above Top Grate   

Space Between Grates   

Grate Style   
Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing

Tank Dimensions   
37” x 108” (500-gallon)

Metal Thickness on Tank   

Fire Box Dimensions   
30.5” Cube (Inside: 30” x 30” x 18”*)

Metal Thickness on Fire Box   

Warming Box Dimensions   
21” x 27.5” (Inside)

Warming Box Grate Dimensions   
21” x 28”

Space Between Grates in Warmer   

Axle Rating   
3,500 lbs.

Net Weight   
2,800 lbs.

Shipping Weight   
2,800 lbs.

Capacity of Pork Butts   

Capacity of Baby Back Ribs   

Capacity of Spare Ribs   

Capacity of Whole Briskets   

Capacity of Whole Chickens   

Capacity of Whole Pigs   
4 x 40 lbs.

TS500 Barbecue Smoker Trailer

Meadow Creek Tank Smoker


The TS500 Tank Smoker Trailer is a beast, and a handsome one at that! It’s built out of a 500 gallon tank and boasts nearly 46 square feet of cooking area—that’s enough space for 60 racks of ribs lying flat!

The spacious warming box will hold six full size restaurant pans. Along with all of the other features standard on the TS series trailers, the TS500 BBQ smoker is ready to face the hungry crowds.

This trailer comes standard on a heavy-duty single axle chassis. It’s shown here with the optional double axle, trim package, stainless steel workshelves, mounted chicken cooker with stainless steel lid, and spare tire.

Custom options include adding any Meadow Creek cooker to the TS500 or incorporating the TS500 with any custom BBQ trailer.

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