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External dimensions of just smoker:

477/8" Tall
253/8" Wide
33" Deep


Southern Pride Smokers Electric Smokers

Dual woodchip box

This is a second smoker element and wood chip box for heavy smoke or multiple wood flavors.

Thermostatically controlled, fully insulated cabinet provides low energy consumption.

The SC-200 operates very similarly to Southern Pride gas ovens. It uses wood chips instead of wood logs and electric elements instead of gas flame. To operate, you simply set the time and temperature you want to cook at and load your product.

A Vortex Convection air system ensures temperature uniformity and even cooking. This feature reduces cooking time, reduces shrinkage, retains moisture, and allows cooking at a lower temperature.

At low temperatures (approx. 150°F), you can hold product for hours without loss of quality.

Total versatility - Barbecue/Smoker, Roasting, Holding Oven...all in one unit.

Smoking feature with compact internal smoking element for the burning of any hardwood chips for producing authentic smoked and barbecued products. Recommended Wood types: Hickory, pecan, mesquite, apple, cherry.

Cold Smoking Feature

By leaving the main element off and loading a steam table pan with ice on the top and bottom rack, the 300 watt smoking element allows for easy cold smoking operations.

Large capacity and versatile food racks for cooking whole chickens, halves, quarters or a wide assortment of large cuts of meat such as whole turkeys, prime rib, hams, shoulders, beef rounds.

Compact cabinet size is easily moved and easy to operate and clean.

High quality design and construction.

Made in U.S.A. by skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work and build quality into Southern Pride products.

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